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86 Veterans Honored at Ebenezer Cemetery This Memorial Day

JACKSON, Tenn. - Today, we are remembering and honoring 86 veterans here at Ebenezer Cemetery.

One from the Civil War, another from the Spanish American War, ten from World War One, 48 from World War Two, seven from the Korean War, and 19 from the Vietnam War.

“There’s 86 veterans here, from the Civil War through Vietnam, so it’s a neat place to be… Ebenezer Cemetery.”

Retired veteran Terry Sanders served active duty and has a son who has also served.

To him, Memorial Day is always a special day to look back at his service and the service of his fellow veterans and family members.

This is the fourth annual ceremony at Ebenezer Cemetery, and Sanders is pleased that every year, more community members come together to honor our veterans.

Madison County mayor AJ Massey expressed his appreciation for being a guest speaker.

“Just like AJ pointed out, his grandfather was a veteran following World War 2 I think it was, you just have to keep the information in front of the younger generations.”

Sanders and his wife helped place flags on every grave to honor every veteran resting in Ebenezer Cemetery.

Sanders hopes everyone remembers the real reason to observe Memorial Day, to remember those who have served the country.

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