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70-Year-Old Woman Found Unconscious

Jackson, TN.

Today Madison County residents are mourning the loss of 70-year-old Mary Kelly. Who was found unresponsive on Hollywood Drive. The suspect was last seen on foot on north parkway and old hickory BLVD. If you or someone you know has seen the suspect, please make sure you contact the number listed on the screen.

Officers are searching for Randall Lee Rose a witness told officers that rose, a 58-year-old male, was assaulting Ms. Kelly and then fled the scene. Right now, no surveillance footage has been released to the public. A Jackson resident who wished not to be identified is hopeful this occurrence will bring more surveillance to the area, stating. “We need more cameras round on these buildings. To see who is doing the hit and runs.”

Not only does the community want to see more surveillance, but also more community interaction to identify the suspect. Marlyn Hill (Jackson resident) told 39 News, “if everybody come together, maybe this world would be a better place. It’s too much crime going on and everybody getting away with the crime.”

Crimes like this are becoming too prevalent in Madison County, residents want justice for the victims

Marlyn Hill (Jackson resident) informed us, “I don’t know who the person that did that, but I hope he gets caught. No older person needs to be killed like that.”

The suspect Randall Lee Rose is identified as a is a white male, about 5’4” tall, and approximately 180lbs.

Makayla Davis

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