41st Teapot Festival in full swing in Trenton

TRENTON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - The 41st Teapot Festival is in full swing in the city of Trenton. 39 News talked to the chairperson of the festival committee and the parade marshall about all the events happening this week.

“We got a long list of events for the week that can spark interest from anybody in elementary school all the way up to our senior citizens,” said Bill Joyner, the chairman of the 2022 Teapot Festival.

The 2022 Teapot Festival committee has several events planned for the week and expects huge crowds.

“We expect five to ten thousand to come in throughout the week whether it be luncheons during the week or even the parade on Saturday. Probably 10 or 12 bands will come in from other communities and other school districts, so they always participate. That always brings in a large crowd,” said Joyner.

Events during the week also include a teapot flower show, a health fair, bingo night, and a fireworks show.

The parade marshall was announced last night and he is grateful for the opportunity.

“Then they announced my name, and I was kind of in disbelief for a minute then kind of shock. As I was walking up there to accept the award, of course, I went immediately back to my dad because he was the parade marshall in 2003 and I lost him in 2003 so it’s been 19 years. I was thinking if he was here with us, he would be so proud,” said Jim Williams, the parade marshall of the 2022 Trenton Teapot Festival.

Williams is a native of Trenton and has been a physician for over 30 years. He talks about what the Teapot Festival brings to the community.

“It just embodies what small towns are about. People get together to celebrate what’s important to the town. Fellowship, laughing, having fun, singing, it’s just a small-town America.” said Williams.

The 2022 Trenton Teapot Festival will have events all week long until Saturday, April 30th.

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