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39 News Reporter Gets Vaccinated


Covid-19 cases continue to skyrocket all over the United States. A new Delta variant has been stated by the CDC to spread twice as easily as previous variants. 39 News Reporter Makayla Davis shares her experience getting vaccinated to stop the spread.

New medical research has shown vaccinated people can get and spread the virus. Though vaccinated people can spread the virus the highest rates of COVID spreaders come from unvaccinated people and low vaccinated communities. Regional director of the Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department Kim Tedford shares updates of Madison County cases. Tedford states, "MRNA vaccines which is what Pzire and Moderna both are. That process has been around for several years, it’s not new, it’s not experimental, it doesn’t have chips in it. We’re not injecting you with anything. I just seriously want to encourage people to consider vaccinations. Does it mean your not going to get COVID-19, absoutely not. No vaccine is 100%. But it will keep you from being critically ill, requiring possibly being on the ventilator, or possibly dying from COVID-19."

Jackson resident Romona Tharpe speaks on her experience getting the vaccine and why she believes it is imperative for Madison County residences to get the shot. Tharpe states, "I got my vaccination back in March. It was a high-risk time and I am a high-risk person. I have diabetes, I am a care-taker, I take care of my husband. My son has asthma and he’s on allergy shots, and I just want to make sure I keep myself healthy so I can take care of my family."

Makayla Davis

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