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31 Women honored on International Women Day in Jackson for being "Women of Influence"


Today the city of Jackson held it's 2023 influential women recognition to celebrate International Women's Day. Thirty-one women were honored for their part in the growth and success of the city.

“It is very special to be included with this group of women. And it's great that the city of Jackson really recognizes and appreciate what different people are doing for the community to make it better," 2023 Influential women honoree Leigh Bentley of Leaders Credit Union said.

Trunetta Atwater spoke to those in attendance at city hall, “I'm very happy for them, very happy. And I think they should go out of here today feeling really proud of the accomplishments that they're achieving in this city," she said.

Atwater was honored as a influential women last year.

“It felt good because, like I said, even in my speech, it was a really hard year for me. And to know that people were noticing the great work that I was doing, even though I wasn't feeling like the best woman myself. Somebody did notice and that helped motivate me to keep going," Atwater said.

Without that motivation from the women in her life Atwater says she would not be where she is today, "You need good women around you. There's going to be women who naturally gravitate towards the light that you shine and trust them to take care of you when you need help.”

“it's just a great group of people. And so i'm just really proud to be a part of that group," Bentley added.

Here are the thirty-one women honored:

Olivia Abernathy, Tausha Alexander, Judy Arrington, Leigh Anne Bentley, Karley Bond, Vicki Burch, Collene Commage, Julie Cooke, Amy Crenshaw, Lizzie Emmons, Anna Esquivel, Beth Haltom, Dr. Melinda Harris, Trista Havner, Kimberly Jones, Wendy Trice Martin, Keli McAlister, Lendon Noe, Susie Oliver, Rhonda Pettigrew, Susan Price, Regina Richmond, Mary Ross, Lauren Saliba, Janet Silver, Terica Smith, Mary Taylor, Linda Truex, Jackie Utley, Ella Watkins, and Georgia Anne Wright.

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