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2023 Election Day for City of Jackson

JACKSON, Tn.-The people in Jackson made their way to the polls to make their voices heard in the 2023 city election. Today was the last day to cast your vote for city mayor and city council. 39 News spoke to some members of the community about why this day is so important.

“Well, if you want to see change, I think it's important to vote. sometimes leadership is an issue and you want to make sure you're doing some good investigating one place for those that are in the race for your values as a city, as an individual, and as a family, said Travis Hunt.

Hunt emphasizes that it is your right as a citizen to make your voice heard.

“So voting brings change. and so that's what I'm here doing today. I think we're looking for some changes to the city, and I think it's all our right to make that happen.”

This community member expresses why your vote matters.

“The reason it's important to vote is that you always want to remember that voting day. I'm sorry. I'm a comedian. I had to get one. The reason it's important to vote is because you always want to put your touch on anything important, that way you always remember that you were there last time and you remember how it's done next time, said Isham.

Jackson resident Joshua Krebs explains the value of your vote.

I think it's hugely important to vote, especially in the mayoral election, in the city council election, mainly because, you know, we have a presidential election. We all talk about how important it is to vote. but the president doesn't affect the roads that get paved in our city there, affect the way the schools get funded here in our state, in our city, in our county.they don't affect the policies that actually affect us every single day.”

A total of 4,318 people voted in the early election. Voter officials say that the voter turnout this year was very low. 39 News will have the official results for the election tomorrow.

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