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A local Halloween store meets their sales goals during a health pandemic

We are just weeks away from Halloween, and today I stopped by Spirit Halloween to see how they’re holding up during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“It’s still busy, its been busy actually,” said Mikaela Adkins, a sales associate at Spirit Halloween.

The nearly 40-year old company known for selling spooky fall decor and costumes has about 1400 popup shops this year with one located in Jackson.

Even during a health pandemic, sales associate Mikaela Adkins says that people are preparing for the upcoming holiday.

“I know we’ve maxed our sales some days. We set goals, and we’ve hit them, easily,” said Ad


The company is following the CDC guidelines by not allowing customers to try on costume masks and medical face coverings are required also.

“We do have the mask requirement, but they come in some have them on, some don’t, we offer it to them,” said Adkins.

Adkins believes that customers shopping and preparing for Halloween provides a sense of normalcy.

“I think they just want to get back; things get back to normal. Halloween is just one of those things that’ll get us back to normal with it,” said Adkins.

As one customer, Katie Hollandsworth prepares for Halloween, she looks forward to spending time with family, preventing the contraction of COVID-19.

“Well, she wants to be a dinosaur, and she also has a little brother, so we’re thinking of making him a paleontologist. this year. I think we’re just going to do like family, we are going to see the family. We are not going to go all out this year,” she said.

The Spirit Halloween in Jackson will be open until November Third.

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