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Made in Tennessee: Discovery Park of America

From learning years of history and even how to make a cloud Discovery Park of America in Union City, Tennessee gives youth and adults the chance to discover.

Robert Kirkland imagined a place where people could explore and he brought it to life in 2013.

“He was very much about people discovering a lot of different things whether its math or science or history. He loved education, so discovery park is a testament to his vision", says President and CEO of the Park, Scott Williams.

Team members at the park say they are dedicated to making sure everyone leaves knowing a little more than they did when they showed up.

The Park hosts many annual events like their annual light show for Christmas with more than one million lights.

This holiday favorite begins November 13, 2020.

“Because of COVID often times a lot of us are trying to stay closer to home. You can come here and experience the whole world", adds Williams.

They also pride themselves on sharing local history throughout the park.

Williams adds, "we’re launching ‘Agriculture: Innovating for our Survival’ it’s an exhibit on agriculture in this region and it’ll really be a fun way for people to learn more about where they food, fuel, and fiber comes from.”

The Park is open, but they do close on Tuesday's and Wednesday's for a deep cleaning of the facility.

Discovery Park of America, Made in Tennessee.

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