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Historic First Baptist Church experiences an increase in monetary donations during the Pandemic

While many churches across the nation struggled financially during the COVID-19 pandemic, one church saw an increase in tithing and donations through live streaming.

According to pastor William Watson, services at the Historic First Baptist Church were not always available online, but the idea was on the radar.

“I think COVID-19 put the pressure on us to step into what is a plan we had for years ahead, early.”

But a health pandemic sped up the process, leaving a positive outcome. Historic first baptist was the first African American church to open in Jackson and survived the COVID-19 Pandemic by allowing people to attend service from their homes.

“It’s been interesting, but I believe it has been more inclusive.

Pastor Watson says their virtual services reached new audiences or non-churchgoers, increasing monetary donations.

“But also, I think it reached unchurched because it gave them a chance to be exposed to it without having to come into what was the present culture of it.”

Viewers also tune in from other countries.

“We do missions work in several countries on several continents, which gave those persons a chance to be apart of our worship from a distance.”

Because their virtual services turned out to be a success, the 152-year-old church plans to reopen soon, while following the CDC guidelines.

“We’re looking at returning possibly, with a soft reopening in December, preparing for again a reopening in probably January, first Sunday in January.

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