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President Trump pauses negotiation for coronavirus relief, local mayors react

Local economies depend on the income residents receive for months this year many people were out a job or furloughed and the $1,200 stimulus check helped keep them afloat.

President Trump recently tweeted that democrats asked for $2.4 trillion to fund a second coronavirus relief plan and republicans proposed $1.6 trillion for the plan.

Since both parties can not agree he said he is pausing negotiations until after the election.

The first plan helped millions of Americans, so the waiting period for a second one could hurt.

“For a lot of people who were on unemployment and a lot of people not being able to work, so yes I think it has and our sales tax I think has reflected that", says Madison County Mayor, Jimmy Harris.

Local officials say they projected a 50% decrease in sales tax, but after progressing through the year they saw only a 10% decrease and in some months an increase.

The first plan did not include funding for local governments. The new plan up for negotiation does have proposed funding allocated for local government, which makes the pause concerning for local mayors.

City of Jackson Mayor, Scott Conger, says “what I’m more concerned about in the pause of those negotiations is that out of everyone, everyone that has received dollars from the federal government for COVID mitigation and relief local governments, city and county governments have been excluded.”

Hours after the President initially mentioned pausing negotiations for a coronavirus relief plan he said that if he is sent a stand alone bill for stimulus checks of $1,200 he will sign it.

Imani Williams, for 39 News, in Jackson.

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