How COVID-19 Impacts Holiday Shopping

In early October, we are in a time when people start preparing for Halloween, but retail experts say it is time to start Christmas Shopping. One owner at one local gift shop encourages people to buy items now before they run out.

“I’d say, probably shop a little earlier this year because I can imagine a lot of people are going to run into that problem,” said Brooke Crook, part-owner of Southern Magnolia.

According to USA Today, tangible gifts are in high demand rather than practical gifts such as concert tickets and events. Brooke Crook at southern magnolia says they are known for their tangibles, including candles and jewelry pieces.

“And like I said, Hidden Jewelry Candles and the Ginger Snap Jewelry, those make great gifts,” said Crook.

When COVID first made its mark into the world, shoppers and retailers experienced delays in shipments, and that issue continues.

“For instance, we have Hidden Jewelry Candles. When we place an order with them, we usually get the order within the same week. But this year, we placed an order a couple of weeks ago, and we’re still waiting,” said Crook.

As Southern Magnolia Sales items on Amazon, they want their customers to place orders as soon as possible.

Brooke Crook-Part Owner at Southern Magnolia

“We do advise our customers and I would advise anybody to shop early, especially online because there will be delays.”

For this holiday season, Amazon will hire 100,000 workers, and FedEx will employ 70,000 to meet the holiday demands. That is a 27 percent increase from last year.

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