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A local business reopens after the building caught on fire a year ago

A year ago lightening sparked a fire at C and C Liquor and Wine and a neighboring vape shop on North Highland Avenue in Jackson.

Owners Bud and Betty Heath say they couldn’t believe it when they got the call at home.

“My girl called me back and said the store is on fire. The lightning storm was really bad here in Jackson. We drove through a big portion of it on the way here", says Bud.

The lightening hit the back of the store where they stock most of their products, which were very flammable.

The heaths say they did not know which way to turn after the fire and they did not expect the coming of a pandemic to slow down the rebuilding process even more.

Completely cleaned up, I didn’t know whether to build it up or not. We felt that due to all the smoke that was in it that it would be a waste of time", added Bud.

C and C has now reopened after rebuilding from the ground up and they have added features like a drive up window.

“We’ve been open, whatever couple of days, 3 days. It’s been like a family reunion here", he says.

The owners say they will have a grand opening later this month. Imani Williams for 39 News, in Jackson.

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