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Made In Tennessee with Brenda's Classy Corner Boutique

After 15 years as a factory worker, Brenda decided to go into business for herself, opening a clothing boutique on North Highland Avenue.

Brenda Bowles says those years in the traditional workforce made opening Brenda’s classy Corner Boutique, easy.

“And this was just easy for me. if you can work for somebody else, surely goodness, you can work for yourself,” said Bowles.

About three years ago, while having a conversation with her husband,he mentioned opening the boutique. She found a good location and never looked back.

“I’ve always wanted a boutique and so my husband, he brought it up and said do you remember what you said a long time ago, do you still want it and I’m like yes.”

For Bowles, fashion is her passion.

“Because this is my passion. I’ve always love clothes. I’ve always put them together,” said Bowles.

When shoppers walk inside, they see a variety of Denim, shoes and accessories, handmade afro-centric pieces, and more.

“Everything, whether I’m going to church, going out to dinner, work, just a lot of everything you want,” said Tina Robinson, a loyal customer.

One of her customers, even named her closets after the owner.

“Honey, this is my store, do you hear me? i got three closets in my room and two of my closets is full of her stuff, so i call my closet Brenda’s closet.

Bowles wants shoppers to feel good about themselves when they walk out the door.

“I want them to feel real good. i don’t sell anything to nobody that don’t fit. if it doesn’t fit, i don’t force it. i want everyone to feel comfortable,” said Bowles.

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