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Local election commissions prepare for upcoming election

Today is the last day to register to vote and we’re about a month away from the November election. Officials here at the Madison County Election Commission give voters a few tips on how to make sure they can vote on election day.

As people anticipate the presidential election approaching, today some were making sure they had everything in order to cast their ballot in November.

Administrator of Elections in Madison county, Kim Buckley, says they saw a lot of people today, but that is common for this type of election.

“Oh yea, well its not unusual for a presidential election, we always see a huge uptick in our registration when we are about to elect new president in our country", says Buckley.

The election commission will still be taking the same safety precautions they did during the august election cycle to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.

Buckley says they receive a lot of questions about absentee voting because some people are still nervous to vote in person.

“The form to vote absentee ballot is online and you can download that and print it. You can either scan it and email it to us or you can print it out and just mail it to us in regular mail", she adds.

She also reminds people that if they move to another county it is their responsibility to change their registration to their new location.

“If you have moved to a new county since the last time that you registered to vote or voted you need to register to vote in your new county. Changing addresses from county to county, does not automatically change your registration", says Buckley.

For people that did not make it to the election commission to register to vote by 4:00 pm. They can still do that online. Imani Williams for 39 news, in Jackson.

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