Free, public wifi is available in downtown Jackson

When residents of Jackson visit downtown, they have access to free public wifi.

“We don’t know what the future holds, but Jackson got the infrastructure to be ready,” said Steve Bowers, Communications Manager for Jackson Energy Authority.

In a steadily growing city, preparing for the future, the new internet access is also available for tourists.

Jackson Energy Authority applied for a grant from the Tennessee department of economic and community development and invested those funds in an advanced broadband network.

“To people while they were down here to have free wifi access,” said Bowers.

The name of the wifi is Eplus Jackson Connect. The new addition to the city improves visitor experience as wells as business opportunities.

“Alot of exciting things going on downtown. So it is a new way to try to enhance that experience while people are here,” said Bowers.

Eplus Jackson Connect is available outside of buildings, and one resident believes that it is a good thing because it allows users to browse the web while also getting some fresh air.

“Its better being outside. Everything that’s going on just being inside a building, sometimes you just need that fresh air and that piece of mind. You know, idle time to be able to get on the internet and get away,” said Kenyatta Ali.

Eplus Jackson Connect is available for up to 30 minutes before having to reconnect.

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