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West Tennessee Farmers Market partners with JHA with mobile farmers market

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A phrase that many have heard before as a motivator to eat healthily. For senior citizens like Shelia Perry, her doctor advises her to eat fruits and vegetables.

“I’ve spoken with my doctor several times in the last six months, and she always says make sure to eat your fruits and vegetables,” said Perry, Jackson Housing Authority resident.

Studies show that seniors who eat healthily have higher energy levels and better weight control.

Some seniors in Jackson do not have transportation but need fresh produce.

“We know where the groceries are stores are but can’t get to them. If you’re in a wheelchair or a walker, you can’t get to those places,” said Perry.

The West Tennessee Farmers market partners with Jackson Housing Authority to address that issue. They are bringing a mobile farmers market to the community.

“I think it is a wonderful thing the farmers market is coming,” said Perry.

Mark Reid, the director of Jackson housing authority, says this initiative combats the food disparities or describes dry spots in the city.

“All throughout most cities you have the, I say groceries dry spots, the little convenience stores that do not offer, especially in your low-income neighborhoods, they do not offer fresh fruit and vegetables. so with this mobile farmers market, we’ll be able to take the fresh fruits and vegetables to those neighborhoods, so I think this is a great idea.”

The mobile farmers market will be here at the rosewood gardens apartments on October 6 from 9-11 am. Mark Reid hopes this initiative continues because it is necessary for senior citizens.

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