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More people move into Madison County, realtors see homes selling fast

Realtors in Madison County are saying there are a limited number of homes on the market right now and this boom is sales is surprising for them in the midst of a pandemic.

“In march we weren’t really sure how it was going to go. We did take a little bit of a dip in April and did not close as many homes in April", says realtor for Town and Country Realtors, Madaline Hudson.

Madaline Hudson has been selling homes for over a decade and says she never imagined houses selling so fast in the pandemic after the drop in April.

Hudson mentioned why homes are going fast.

“We are seeing an influx of people fleeing from weather events, whether its fires or hurricanes, wanting to move somewhere where it is safe, with a good community and a strong economy and jackson just checks off all those boxes", she says.

Madison county has a little over 140 homes on the market right, which is around a 3 week supply of home inventory.

With the way homes are selling fast this means that if no one puts a home on the market from now until next month there won’t be any homes to buy.

“So, 2020 has been crazy ride in real estate. But over the last few months we have seen houses selling in multiple offers", Hudson adds.

Hudson says if someone see’s a home they want they need to be ready to make an offer, because they’re not the only people looking.

“If they find something that they think they want to call their home, probably 3 or 4 other people want to call that home too", she adds.

Hudson says this is also a good time for first time home buyers to look into buying a home, because interest rates are very low. Imani Williams, for 39 News, in Jackson.

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