The Reemploy Tennessee Initiative is in full effect requiring unemployment claimants to look for work to remain eligible.

According to the department of labor, residents must contact at least three potential job leads a week. In Jackson, several organizations, including the salvation army, get people back into the workforce.

“So what we do with our clients or people who are in need is one of our coaches that have experience with professional development will work with individuals,” said Commanding Officer, Marc Cancia.

Cancia says the coaches assist with resume writing and identifying the right job placement skills.

“To either create a resume or identify a job that will be suitable for them and assist with improving their quality of life,” he said.

Job hunting is not easy and may even be more challenging during the pandemic.

“And, there are situations like COVID-19 or the loss of employment that create a crisis or increase stress for an individual or families,” he said.

A recent article from Forbes magazine, titled how to cope with a job hunt during a pandemic, states it is entirely normal to experience anxiety and depression during the job hunt. It is okay to seek counseling.

“Our role in this is to help alleviate stress,” said Cancia.

Union and furloughed workers are not required to complete work search activities. For claimants who are out of work for one of the covid-19 reasons listed on the cares act, they may be exempt also.


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