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Travel Local: 42nd Annual Blue Grass Festival

Blue Grass is a staple sound in parts of Tennessee. Hardin county and Savannah, Tennessee are some of those places.

The area continues to bring the music to life through the 42nd Annual Blue Grass Festival.

“42nd Annual Blue Grass Festival and of course Mr. Wayne Jerrolds heads that up every year. He’s a staple in the blue grass world and a staple in Hardin county and savannah", says Executive Director for Savannah Main Street, Larae Smiley-Sliger.

The festival started in the late 70’s to honor Blue Grass musicians, now it has become an annual traditional to many.

Wayne Jerrolds began the festival and invited well known musicians to be a part of it.

“Some of the biggest names in blue grass. Pfizer Blue Grass, Bill Monroe, we’ve had Jim and Jessie and the Osbornes", says Jerrolds.

The event is usually the weekend of the 4th of July, but due to COVID-19 concerns they moved it to September and condensed it to one day, but they are glad the tradition continues.

“Very happy to continue the tradition, we are very blessed that we are able to keep our outdoor events going. The Blue Grass festival being one of them, because that is a very large draw for Savannah", says Smile-Sliger.

The festival will be at the Savannah Market on Saturday and across the street the Catfish Derby and National Catfish Championship will be going on as well.

Imani Williams for 39 News, in Savannah.

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