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A new website helps people with special needs

Caring for a child with special needs or a disability is no easy task. when Christopher Myers’s son Taylor, was diagnosed with autism, he and his wife immediately began digging for helpful resources.

“At his one-year baby check, his pediatrician told me and my wife that he had significant developmental delays. So in this situation, we decided to ramp up talking to people, pediatricians neurologists,” said Myers.

Most parents are not prepared to care for a special child, but when they are faced with the challenge, they need as much information they can get. Myers created ReAbility as a resource guide.

“ReAbility, is a clearinghouse platform that provides realtime information for special needs families to help people make good decisions.”

Taylor is now 29 years old. he was born in the pre-social media era, so they could not get their hands on the information they have now. ReAbility is a secured platform where parents and caregivers can plan for what is to come.

“I built this platform to help them plan ahead. people really don’t like to plan ahead, but it is really necessary when you have a child who deals with special needs. especially in this environment because we have a viral pandemic,” said Myers.

ReAbility is based in Memphis connecting those in special needs communities to social outlets.

“It could be a job that they’re able to do, it could be programs, it could be activities,” said Myers.

While 130,000 people have a disability in Tennessee, Myers hopes the platform is a positive light.

“It is a very stressful time, so we are hoping that ReAbility sheds a bright light,” said Myers.

“There are 60 million Americans who have some form of special needs. Christopher Myers wants parents to know that early diagnosis is key for successful caregiving.

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