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Jackson Generals Baseball Club prepares for Jerry Lawler event

The Jackson Generals Baseball Club is preparing for hundreds of Jerry Lawler fans to arrive this weekend.

Although they have hosted a number of events before now they have to take into account the on going pandemic.

“We’re excited, we spent the better part of the last week getting the ball park cleaned and disinfected. Jerry Lawler is a pretty big name here in west Tennessee so, we’re excited to host an event of this magnitude", says general manager of the baseball club, Marcus Sabata.

With safety guidance from city and county agencies the ball park recently hosted high school graduations and travel baseball tournaments, so that guidance will continue this weekend to make sure the event is safe for everyone.

“We’ve gotten pretty good at running the facility during the pandemic. The health department has been great, the city has been great. They have given us guidance on what we can and can not do", Sabata adds.

Officials say mask will be required to enter the park and employees will encourage visitors to wear them when they are not able to social distance from others.

Sabata explains, “going to concession stands, going to beer carts, going to the restroom, we’re encouraging people to wear their masks.”

They are expecting a large crowd, but officials say they are prepared and excited to give people in the area something fun to look forward to this weekend.

Imani Williams for 39 News, in Jackson.

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