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Travel is picking back up, but is the hotel industry seeing the increase?

Hospitality experts are seeing a trend of hotel closures in big cities due to COVID-19, but hotel managers here in west Tennessee say they are not seeing that trend just yet.

In March and April of this year travel halted and for hotels travel is the main contributor to their business. Guest services manager, Tyler Stewart, says those months were tough.

“We didn’t think it was going to affect us as much, but when it first started literally we dropped all the way down. Of course we had to do a couple of layoffs", says Stewart.

And they saw immediate effects.

Stewart added, “It got to the point where we were almost just looking at each other because no one was walking in.”

According to a report in the LA Times hotels are closing in bigger cities due to the lack of travel, but destinations that are more car accessible may be able to recover.

Most hotels here in Jackson, like the one behind me. Sit off of interstate 40, which is right here. So, as businesses start to reopen and sports begin again these hotels are seeing more customers.

“I would say the last, two to three months we’ve pretty much been sold out", added the manager.

The Sportsplex in Jackson started hosting athletic events in June more businesses also started reopening. Sending more people to the near by hotels.

Giving people in the hotel industry in west Tennessee hope they won’t be apart of the hotel closure trend.

“But as far as closing down, I don’t really see it. Just because we’re extremely picking up as far as hotels. We’re getting hotels each and every year. We have another Hilton property that is on the way", says Stewart.

Stewart says his team will continue to accommodate guests as safely as they can. Imani Williams, for 39 news, in Jackson.

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