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Made In Tennessee with Exit 87 BBQ

“When truck drivers and local travelers get off on exit 87, they see a concession stand preparing homemade food.”

The smell of bbq fills the air as customers get out of their vehicles and walk up to order.

“We started about 15 years ago. I came out and sit in the middle of this parking lot and started serving truck drivers,” said Joshua Wadley, owner of Exit 87 BBQ.

The customer base expanded to bbq lovers just passing through for a quick bite to eat.

“The thing is a lot of people stop by because they can get their food, good food, homemade food in two and a half minutes and back on the road with a full stomach and a smile,” said Wadley.

A homemade breakfast sandwich is one tasty treat that can be grabbed on the go and is on the menu every day.

“It’s a homemade whole-hog pork sausage sandwich. we kill our own hogs, we patty it out, and we bring it out here, we put it on the grill, and we cook it every day,” said Wadley.

According to crew member Tim Scarbrough, the homemade whole-hog pork sausage sandwich is a bestseller.

“Next to bbq, that’s our best-seller,” said Scarbrough.

Wadley learned the skill of cooking bbq while serving time behind bars. after spending over ten years in jail, he likes the way his life is now.

“I acquired it in prison actually, from some of the old heads in feels amazing, i love my bed, i love my business I love my customers, and I love my life,” said Wadley.

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