Tri-County Fair opens for the first time at Clay Hill Motor Sports

In the middle of a field usually where monster trucks and motorcycles get ready for shows, now sit cotton candy booths, rides, and fair games for the Tri County Fair.

After taking a car ride from Jackson one fair goer says she is glad to finally be at a fair.

“I was excited and at the same time when we first couldn’t find it I was a little bit sad, but when we had found it I was real excited", says fair goer, Moriyah Roberson.

Clay Hill Motor Sports in Atwood,Tennessee brought in their first fair and those who are apart of it say its good to be working.

“This was the first year our fair season was cancelled. So, it seems like everything is back on track and we are glad to be working. This fair here is fantastic", says Banana Derby employee, Phillip Hendricks.

On the first night the fair attracted people from surrounding areas ready for the rides and food.

“Okay, I like chili cheese fries, corn dogs, burgers and cotton candy and popcorn", says Roberson.

“To eat. He wanted to eat and I wanted food and lemonade and I haven’t been to a fair in a long, long time and I feel like a kid again", added couple, Darrell and Jamie Smith.

The fair will be open until Saturday and there is no charge to enter.

Imani Williams for 39 news, in Atwood.

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