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Members of the Tennessee Army National Guard return home from deployment

As the Tennessee Army National Guard returns from their deployment in the Middle East, Veterans gather on Madison County bridges to welcome them home.

The 194th Engineer Brigade left in October of 2019 with 128 men and women from west Tennessee.

“These guys have been gone for a year; they’ve been doing the work for the country, representing the interest of the United States. We want them to know how much we appreciate what they’ve done for us,” said Rober Jones, member of the West Tennessee Veterans Coalition.

Jones said when he came back, there was not a welcome home event.

“Quite frankly, the guys from Vietnam never got a welcome home. The veteran’s coalition here in Jackson is gonna make sure that never happens again,” said Jones.

To show much appreciation, veterans wave American flags saying hello to drivers as they pass under the bridge.

The troops were with central command for the Middle East brigade headquarters for all engineering in that region. They return to their families and friends with a good record.

“With 100 percent return, which means no one had to be left, hospitalized, there were no major injuries, they’re all coming home at the same time,” said Jackie Utley.

Members of the army national guard will spend time with their families and will resume training for their next mission to serve the united states.

They made an escorted return on chartered buses.

“They’re back home, safe and sounds, and that’s good news,” said Carl Johnston.

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