Man has to move out of his apartment because he never received unemployment

Tennessee’s $300 supplement for unemployment recipients has ended, but there are still hundreds in Tennessee who have not received benefits at all. One man in Madison County has been waiting since May.

“I may call for about once a week, on hold for about 45 minutes, then you go to voicemail, leave a voicemail, no return phone calls,” said Dennis Powell, who has been waiting to get unemployment since May.

Earlier this year, Dennis Powell was let go from his job. Since filing for unemployment, he has only been able to speak to someone twice over the phone from The Department of Labor. One of those times was not too long ago.

“I did speak to someone on the phone last week before labor day weekend, they said they were going to have someone call me, return to the office on Tuesday, and haven’t heard from nonbody else,” said Powell.

The whole ordeal is a new experience for Powell.

“I’ve lived in Tennessee for about eight years, and this is my first time filing for unemployment. They sent me the card that my money was supposed to be loaded on; I got that back in June,” he said.

That card has yet to receive any funds.

As a result of not receiving unemployment benefits, Powell is moving out of his apartment along with selling a few possessions.

“My whole apartment is for sale, my furniture, and everything, and I’m packing up everything I want to keep, and I’m going back home,” said Powell.

He is moving back to Virginia to live with family until he gets back on his feet.

“I haven’t gotten a letter in the mail; I haven’t gotten an email,” he said.

As of today, he has not received ann update or explanation.

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