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The local Salvation Army stands ready to respond to Tropical Storm Sally.

As Tropical Storm Sally aims towards Louisiana, our local salvation army stands ready to serve.

Just weeks after hurricane Laura hit the bayou state; another natural disaster is making its way to the gulf coast. The Salvation Army is prepared to respond when necessary.

“The first phase of the emergency management cycle is preparedness,” said Marc Cancia, Commanding Officer of Salvation Army.

When a storm hits, the Salvation Army is always ready, providing meals and emotional support to survivors.

“All of our resources, we make sure they are mission capable. So our mobile feeding unit that’s behind me, we make sure that the engine is running and ready to go” said Cancia.

Volunteers who work on the mobile canteens or food trucks prepare 1500 meals within one hour.

The COVID-19 pandemic plays a role in how the salvation army responds to disaster relief efforts. commander Cancia, says the organization is following the CDC guidelines.

“All of our employees and staff, they know to wear gloves when preparing food or passing out food boxes. In addition to that, we wear masks,” said Cancia.

Just last week, a volunteer from Jackson traveled to Louisiana to aid survivors. Roger Fowler is a dedicated responder.

“I felt a huge need to try to help out.I’ve done this before, and helping people when they are in need is something that I enjoy,” said Fowler.

“What the salvation army does is we send people out for two-week deployments, if you’re needed again, you’ll get redeployed,” said Cancia.

Responders are redeployed after recuperation and rest.

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