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Made in Tennessee: J town Coffee

After years of roasting coffee for himself and for local coffee shops one business owner decided to open up his own coffee shop on wheels.

J town Coffee began serving coffee in mid June of this year, but the owner has been in the business for over a decade.

“I started with a bread machine and a heat gun roasting green coffee beans for me and my family", says owner David Sutherland.

David Sutherland started roasting coffee beans just for home and then ventured out to begin roasting beans for local coffee shops, but opening the coffee truck was a big decision after the pandemic pushed their opening date from April to June.

“When all this went down and said, looked at it and said, do we really want to do this now? And we looked at it and we said yes we do", says Sutherland.

J town Coffee is usually set up off of Vann Drive in the Columns. So when you’re on the go, you can get your coffee to go.

From cold brew ice cubes to offering delivery in the 38305 and 38301 areas of Jackson Sutherland says there is a lot that sets them apart.

“You know what makes us unique is me being able to roast the coffee and get all of the different flavors", he adds.

J town Coffee made in Tennessee.

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