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Local family raises money for cancer patients

Over 50 people put on their running shoes and crossed the finish line to help raise money for people here in west Tennessee that are fighting cancer.

Will Morrow died in July of 2019 after battling cancer.

His wife Veronica Morrow and children wanted to honor his name by doing something they knew he would do.

“This is something that he would, something that Will would do. So, that’s why I am doing it in his honor because this is all him. He loved to help people, so to be able to have a fundraiser to help families in our community its really a blessing for my family", says Veronica Morrow.

The Morrow family started a cancer fund to help families that are going through financial strains will fighting cancer and to help raise money they started a 5-k run walk.

The families will be able to use the money for anything they need like food, bills, and transportation to treatment.

“Anytime you have any illness or disease that could potentially take you off of work or anything like that, you need that extra support", adds Morrow.

Dozens of runners participated in the 1st annual will morrow 5-K run walk to give back to their community.

“And its just good to see somebody else along life’s journey when you’re going through something to say hey, we are here with you, we got you, and this what we came out here to do this morning", says one runner, Tina Jones.

Another runner, Kameron Wilson, added “I look at it as a high priority, you know its hard out here everybody’s struggling.”

The Morrows hope to continue this walk every year to raise more money and awareness.

Imani Williams for 39 News, in Jackson.

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