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Travel Local to Parker's Outfitting

What started as a hunting and fishing resort is now a vacation destination where guests can plan a trip; however, they want.

“It’s exactly what it says; I’m an outfitter, meaning I’ll build whatever kind of trip you’re looking for,” says Ben Parker, owner of Parker Outfitting.

About twelve years ago, Parker bought a house from his father and turned it into a travel destination near Reel Foot lake with a sunset view.

“And the most magnificent sunset you’ve ever seen,” said Parker.

Visitors can engage in several activities, including duck hunting and bow fishing. Parkers Outfitting also hosts milestone events.

“Birthday party, wedding showers, things of that nature,” said Parker.

For celebrations, there is an addition to the property. While standing in the renovated space, we discussed how something old was used for new.

“This is a recent remodel that we’ve done,” said Parker


He used materials from an underused garage for the roof.

“And I took a garage that was in the middle section of my building at the lakeside and converted into something that could be a lot more useful than what it was.”

The space with a 24-foot table can accommodate 25 people. Parker refers to the room as his plan B.

“But again, if it was raining, snowing sleeting, foul weather, we’ve got a plan B as to where you can hold your event,” he said.

Parker’s Outfitting is equipped with bedrooms, a game area, and a kitchen for those who want to cook their food. He takes pride in keeping the place tidy.

“If you want to isolate from the world you can, no one is going to bother you here, and the place will be nice; it will be cleaned every time, and it’ll have everything that you need.”

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