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Mask Mandate will expire soon and the department of health has not made a decision on an extension

Even though Covid-19 cases continue to rise, the mask mandate is scheduled to expire in about three days. The department of health has yet to decide on an extension.

“We have not discussed that yet or made that decision,” said Kim Tedford, director of The Department of Health.

The mandate began on July 3 and was set to end at the end of August. After a look at the numbers of positive cases and deaths, it was extended until September 12.

Residents have been wearing masks for a little over two months, and some have feelings about it.

“In my opinion, I think this whole thing is a hoax. If you want to wear them go right ahead, but I don’t think the whole population should be forced into wearing them.”

Another local thinks otherwise.

“With the rise of cases, I don’t see why it would be ended so swiftly,” said Stanisha Parram.

Parram comes in contact with many who do not take the virus seriously until it hits homes.

“And most of the people I’ve seen who eventually take it seriously is once a friend of theirs has actually caught the virus,” said Parram.

Tedford says they will look at the data from the recent labor holiday and make a decision from there.

“We’ll still be watching the data, coming in especially from the holiday weekend, if we start to see that increasing, then we’ll have that discussion and decision by then,” said Tedford.

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