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Big trucks are rolling into west Tennessee

Students in the Bradford Special School District took a break from the books to look at a few monster trucks.

Clayhill is hosting the Monster Truck Mania in Atwood, Tennessee this weekend but wanted give the kids the first look.

“Kind of partner our schools with our community and so forth and of course anytime there is big truck available there always amazed for those sorts of things", says principal of Bradford Elementary School, Kelly Knott.

Many events have been cancelled due to COVID-19, but one of the organizers of the event, Phil Colwell, says they have enough room to social distance.

“You know the crowds are doing good, everybody’s having a good time and they keep their distance. Social distance. We are lucky and capable of holding a lot of people, so it don’t affect nobody", says Colwell.

Quads, motorcycles, and the Big Foot truck will all be apart of the show.

One monster truck driver says he is excited to get back behind the wheel.

“With the world the way it is and with COVID going on you know i think the people need this. They need to get out of their houses. They need to come see this show", says driver, Jack Brown.

Monster truck mania will be at Clayhill Speedway this Friday and Saturday.

Both nights the gate opens at 5 PM and showtime starts at 7 PM.

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