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The GOP and Democratic Parties of Madison County prepare for voter registration activities

According to Kim Buckley, the administrator of elections, residents are taking advantage of online options.

“We’ve had an increase in voter registration with the advent of online registration; we’re getting most of our registrations through that medium now,” said Buckley.

But members of the GOP and Democratic parties are still doing their part to assist those who do not register online.

“There is an intense and exciting rush and enthusiasm to participate in the process.”

Debbie Swacker is a member of the Madison Area Democratic Women. The organization, along with the Democratic Party, are planning a voting drive in North Jackson.

On September 26th at Thomsen Farms in the Belle and Blue clothing store, members of the party will inform and register people to vote.

“There we will be allowing people to come by, check their voter registration if they’re not registered, we will help them register on the spot.

Over at the Republican headquarters, residents come to buy paraphernalia and to show support.

“Most of our voters or most of the people who come into our headquarters are registered to vote,” said Larry Lowrance, Republican Party chair.

However, they want to reach a younger audience for the upcoming election.

“We particularly encourage young voters. We have a charter at union university that works on voter registration; we hope to add Lane College, Memphis, and Jackson state to that this year,” said Lowrance.

Pastor William L Watson of historic first baptist says the voting registration process a vital for their communities.

“Again, our church is full of voters, both democrat, republican, independent whatever their preference. We’ve done voter registration drives making sure if they have not voted or possibly been purged that they go and just make themselves aware of their status so they can be in the process of voting, which is a vital process for our community,”

The deadline to register to vote is October 5th.

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