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University of Memphis Lambuth jumps up 23% in enrollment

This summer colleges and universities were concerned about enrollment for the fall semester, but one local university saw significant growth, in the middle of a pandemic.

“I will tell you, in the very beginning of the summer we did not anticipate that much growth", says Dean of University of Memphis Lambuth camps, Dr. Niles Reddick.

23 percent.

This is how much the University of Memphis Lambuth in Jackson, Tennessee increased in enrollment from last fall.

Enrollment staff say they used different tools to help them gain more students in a pandemic.

“We had a very well put together plan that we executed throughout the summer. A lot of phone calls a lot of recruitment meetings and virtual information sessions", says assistant director for recruitment and enrollment services, Adam Johnson.

This fall the university has over 1,300 students attending last year around this time they had only a little over a 1,000.

They saw most of the growth from dual enrollment, transfer, and nursing students.

“Really good to see an increase in our nursing students because of the ongoing pandemic, cause’ we want to put the best nurses out there", says nursing student, Walker Williams.

They are holding some labs on campus but most classes are still online.

Reddick says he hopes in person classes will resume in a few weeks if faculty and departments feel comfortable.

Admissions staff say they are already taking applications for this spring and next fall. Imani Williams, for 39 News, in Jackson.

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