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New monitor program helps health care service go beyond the hospital

After asking the question how to keep an eye on COVID-19 patients once they are discharged” a team of nurses, doctors, and specialists came together to find the answer.

“The question that came up with the team, how do we keep a, not a close eye, but an eye on patients when they are discharged cause the worry is that we want to make sure they are getting better , they are still getting a good quality of care", says chief medical information officer, Dr. Claude Pirtle.

West Tennessee Healthcare is in the pilot phase of a new remote monitoring program for COVID-19 patients that have been discharged.

This program comes with one of two devices for the patient. A pulse and temperature reader or a wrist watch with a finger probe.

“So basically if we notice someone’s pulse ox or their oxygen saturation is very we’re able to intervene. This has actually happened already about a week ago", says Pirtle.

The monitor shows health care providers information about the patient like blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heart rate in real time.

Pirtle adds, “the help manager team will give you a call. Day 2,4,6,8 depends on, like I said. But the point is follow up with you to figure out how you are doing, are you still having a fever, did you get your medication, do you have a primary care follow up?"

There are about 40 patients in the pilot phase of this program right now, but they hope to expand this program to patients with diabetes or other diseases in the future.

Imani Williams, for 39 News, in Jackson.

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