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CDC issues a moratorium on rent payments to reduce the spread of COVID-19

The CDC issues a nationwide moratorium or halts on rental payments. The 37-page document includes the reason behind this new order and reduces the spread of COVID-19.

“I feel it is a good thing because a lot of people are out of work right now who are struggling with their bills,” said Jackey Robinson.

Robinson is a resident of government housing, and because of the pandemic, he was out of work for a few weeks.

“I had to be laid off for two weeks because I thought I had symptoms for it so I got tested,” said Robinson.

Being out of work for two weeks caused Robinson to fall behind on his rental payments.

The moratorium applies to those who make under $99,000 a year.

I spoke with Mark Reid, executive director of the Jackson housing authority, and found out about a few government housing residents’ requirements.

“If their income decreases, what we require them to do is to come in and do an income change, because in the public housing program as well as section eight, their rent is based off their actual income,”said Reid.

The majority of the residents under Jackson’s housing authority make under the threshold; however, if for any reason a bulk of people do not pay rent, that could negatively affect the Jackson housing authority and others across the nation.

“The housing authority operates off of federal subsidies, a portion of it is based off what we anticipate to get in rents from the clients to so yes it hurts the Jackson housing authority bottom line as well," said Reid.

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