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Election commissions across the state are looking for more poll workers

Today is now known as National Poll Worker Recruitment day. The state of Tennessee is looking for over 17,000 people to work the polls on November 3rd.

In August only a little over 3,000 Tennesseans said they were interested in working the polls for the November election cycle.

The state is looking for roughly 17,000 workers across the state.

“We are trying to attract people from all across the state that will step up and help us administer elections in the state of Tennessee", says Secretary of State, Tre Hargett.

The legislature recently expanded the pool of eligible workers moving the minimum age from 17 to 16 and now allowing local, state, and federal officials to work as long as their direct supervisor is not on the ballot.

One Madison county poll worker explains the need for more people.

“We had one person that couldn’t do it, a couple people that couldn’t do it and Kim had to scramble to try to get people to work. Because it’s a system when voters come in they have to go through certain steps in order to vote and we need people at each of the steps for them to be able to vote", says Madison county poll worker, Opie Dodrill.

Although a number of voters may absentee vote there will still be a large number of in person voters this is where poll workers come in to help with early voting, election day, and even to count absentee ballots.

“It’s important that we have workers there that help and assist them because without those people there, we can’t do it. One person can’t man a poll by themselves and so we need workers", adds Dodrill.

Those interested in in applying for a poll worker position can fill out the application online at . Imani Williams for 39 News, in Jackson.

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