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Made in Tennessee: Rusty's TV and Movie Car Museum

Movies like Fast and Furious and Batman all have one thing in common, their famous cars.

One local man is bringing cars from TV shows and movies all together in one place.

On the corner of Hollywood Drive and Williams Street in Jackson,Tennessee sits over 50 cars from award winning movies and television shows.

“Been collecting cars all my life and got one and another one and had all this stuff at my house. I would have people wanting to come by and look at it, so 10 years ago I said well iIll try to put them somewhere where people can actually see them", says owner of the museum, Rusty Robinson.

Robinson started collecting cars just for fun and then he decided to show others his collection.

10 years ago he opened the museum with cars that kids and adults will recognize.

“From the 70’s all the way through the recent movies, you know, so there is a little bit of something for everybody", says Robinson.

The first car in Robinson's collection was a General Lee as seen in the Dukes of Hazard.

He says most of the people that come to the museum say that the cars remind them of good times in the past.

“For most of them it is something that brings them back to the good ole days, good times, you know. Most shows in the 80’s had a car in it, the car was a big a star as the actor. So, it just brings back good memories you know", he adds.

The barbie car, lightening McQueen, and even Bumble bee can all be seen at the museum.

It is open every weekend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 9 am to 5 pm.

Rusty’s TV and Movie Car Museum. Made in Tennessee.

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