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The Red Cross prepares for upcoming storms

While many volunteers are in Texas and Louisiana helping those impacted by hurricane Laura, I stopped by the local Red Cross office to see what they are doing to prepare for storms that are headed this way.

“Definitely the pattern of disaster response that we’ve seen on a more local level has been flash flooding,” says David Hicks, the Jackson chapter’s executive director.

When a storm comes, David hicks the Jackson chapter’s executive director, says they immediately begin working with local agencies.

“What we’ve discovered is, our partnering with local emergency management agencies is so key because they’re keeping an even closer more local eye on what is the extent of the damage and the need for potential sheltering.”

Earlier today, the Tennessee Red Cross took to twitter, saying there are over 800 trained disaster workers to support Texas and Louisiana’s relief efforts. Hicks says that there are about 70 local volunteers.

“We feel very fortunate. We have what we call a disaster action team of responders", said Hicks.

In a times of disaster, the Red Cross can never have too many volunteers available. The more responders mean, the more relief efforts.

David Hicks Executive Director for Jackson Chapter

“But it is also is just having enough people to assess the situation and make sure the left-hand knows what the right hand is doing so our communication lines are strong.”

As responders make sure survivors are in sheltered places, the Red Cross is adhering to the CDC guidelines because of COVID-19.

David Hicks Executive Director for Jackson Chapter

“The shelters that are being opened, if they congregate shelters, they’re making sure all of the social distancing, protocol is being applied and adhered to.

The Jackson area is preparing to help locally and send more volunteers to Texas and Louisiana if needed.


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