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First responders give west Tennesseans tips ahead of possible flash flooding

Hurricane Laura made landfall in Louisiana overnight but the affects will continue to be felt through the rest of the week and the weekend in our area. We have a few tips on how to be prepared.

According to the National Weather Service west Tennessee and other parts of the southern region are under a flash flood warning for the next two days due to rain extending from Hurricane Laura.

Local first responders explain how being prepared is the best safety option.

“Have your things packed and ready to go at a moments notice. You know flood waters can rise rather quickly and so preparation is going to be key", says the Jackson Fire Departments Deputy Chief, Don Friddle.

Places that see a lot of flooding in our area are roadways, first responders say residents should remember the saying turn around, don’t drown.

A few items to keep close in the case of flooding are rain boots, a jacket or extra clothing, a flashlight, batteries, water and non perishable food just to name a few.

When approaching areas with heavy rain first responders say assume the water is high, because taking a chance to go through it could leave people stranded.

Friddle adds, “don’t assume that water is just a couple inches deep and try to drive through it, because it can be deceiving and once you get in the middle of it there is no turning back. That water could actually be two or three foot deep.”

Agencies across the state are preparing their crews for debris fall and possible flooding, for 39 News, i’m imani williams in jackson tennessee.”

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