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Officials prepare for the affects of Hurricane Laura, flooding and high winds are expected

Pretty much all day here in Jackson it has been raining. Today I spoke with Madison County Emergency Management Agency Director, Jason Moore, on how residents who live in those flood prone areas should prepare for more rain to move in.

Hurricane Laura is taking a toll on weather in states across the south.

Areas in west Tennessee are seeing constant rain fall and are preparing to see more.

“We’re looking at two to three days of heavy rain fall, tropical winds, possible tornadoes although highly unlikely and obviously flooding", says Moore.

Moore says when hurricane season approaches heavy rain concerns him due to how flat the land is here in west Tennessee.

“Obviously our land sits a little lower but we also have higher highways, interstates. Believe it or not the construction on the interstate can cause flooding in areas that don’t normally flood", adds Moore.

And just a little rain could be trouble for residents.

EMA is working with the city of Jackson and Madison County fire departments as well as other agencies to make sure everyone is prepared for what is to come.

“In saying that we work with the national weather service and TEMA just so everyone is on the same page, stay in touch with each other, just so everyone is in the know", says Moore.

Moore says they will continue to prepare for incoming storm weather, for 39 News, I’m imani Williams in Jackson.

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