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Locals prepare for flooding as hurricane Laura strikes

At North Plaza Shopping Center on Carriage House Drive, this area did see severe flooding last year; residents are preparing as Hurricane Laura strikes.

“Curious to see, sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn’t. But the last couple of days, it’s been kind of weathery,” says Mario Curry, a resident.

With gloomy skies and heavy rain, one local is hopeful that city officials do their part to keep everyone safe.

“Hopefully, they got the roads under control because it might flood but hopefully not so bad,” says Curry.

The national hurricane center sent out warnings on Wednesday. Their public advisory says that laura is expected to strengthen, bringing heavy rain to Tennessee.

I spoke with an employee of Aarons at the shopping center, and she says that last year, the flood resulted in some damage.

“It was storming kind of bad that day,” says Lorina Chapman, who is an employee at Aaron’s.

Chapman says that cars were damaged, and a rescue team came out to the area.

“Within about 30-35 minutes, the whole parking lot was flooded, cars were submerged, moments after that people were having to get rescued from a boat.

Unfortunately for Chapman, her car suffered severe damage, which cost a few hundred bucks.

“My car was one of the cars that were fully submerged, about halfway through. had to have my car towed and repaired, cost me about $500,” says Chapman.

Chapman is hopeful that the same will not occur this year.

“Hopefully not, now we are more cautious; we are constantly looking out to see how high the level is,” says Chapman.

With all of the rain that we have been seeing today, it is possible that isolated flooding will happen.

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