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Dozens of headstones in Elmwood Cemetery are toppled over and broken

JACKSON, TN - Over a dozen headstones are toppled over or broken just like this one. Now families that have loved ones here at Elmwood Cemetery want to know who did it.

Elmwood Cemetery sits unseen behind the Old Hickory Mall in Jackson, Tennessee.

Kirby Dunlap visits his grandparents grave sites there often, but during his most recent visit he said it was a disturbing scene.

“When I first came in i saw that a headstone was knocked over, I didn’t think too much about it. But after I got to going and walking I saw another one knocked over then I started seeing numerous knocked over. I was like, mane this ain’t right, this is an act of vandalism", says Dunlap.

Many head stones across the entire cemetery are moved from their original location or broken.

Dunlap says this is unacceptable, “it’s my relatives out here as well like I want to know, we want to know what’s going on and who’s taking up for this. Somebody need to come up and help us".

Dunlap went on Facebook live to show his followers how the cemetery looked and warning families to check on their loved ones, especially since headstones are not cheap.

“People cant afford to go and replace these like a two hundred or three hundred dollar head stone. Some of these were thousand dollars headstones that they knocked over", adds Dunlap.

After several attempts to speak with someone who oversee’s the cemetery we did not get a response.

The Jackson Police Department said they have received a report on the head stones and they are working to investigate the incident. Imani Williams for 39 News in Jackson.


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