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Tennessee applies for a $300 supplement for unemployment and local residents say the funds are much

Tennessee applied to president trump’s federal grant program. This subsidy will extend the unemployment benefits, and recipients will receive additional funds, weekly.

“Here in Jackson, TN, it is much needed at this time because of lost wages.”

In a recent press conference, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Jeff McCord announced the added benefit for unemployment recipients.

“Individuals in the state of Tennessee should be able, will be able to see a $300 benefit to their weekly unemployment benefits in addition to the state benefit,” says McCord.

The additional $300 is lower than the previous $600 bonus, but Collier, a resident, feels any amount will help those who need it.

“I think its a good idea, something is better than nothing at all,” says Collier.

President Trump recently signed several executive orders to provide relief for those in financial straits because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I spoke with another resident who is an employee at Popeyes, and she says that the virus keeps people from going to work, and when the money stops, the bills do not.

“With this virus going around, people ain’t just letting us work or nothing, and when our jobs get shut down, we still got bills to pay, so,” says Cathy Bronner.

McCord wants residents to know that as long as the money is available, that is how long the benefits will allocate.

“But since this is a grant, there are finite funds, so the way the grant works is that when the funds are exhausted, the program is over,” he says.

Commissioner McCord says the added benefit is expected to last until December 26, and they are going to do their best to avoid delays in disbursement.

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