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Travel Local: Casey Jones Village

Brooks Shaw Old Country Store is one of west Tennessee's best known destinations. I’m here in Casey Jones Village to check in and see what options they have for people traveling local.

Right off of interstate 40 in Jackson, Tennessee sits a 3 generation family business that has grown into the travel destination it is today.

Casey Jones village sits on 15 acres of land allowing families to explore the history of trains and Casey Jones.

“Tour the train museum and learn about the history of the railroads in west Tennessee and the life and death of Casey Jones. You can come out and take a walk on our farm", says general manager of The Old Country Store, Brooks Shaw.

The village also showcases local artists and gives visitors a look into west Tennessee culture.

Shaw adds, “it is a local art gallery featuring about 25 west Tennessee artists called art in the village. It’s a great place to walk around and appreciate some really fine art work.”

The Old Country Store has moved to family style dinning to accommodate changes due to COVID-19.

But they still serve the same southern cuisine.

“A lot of local businesses are struggling and the more that people can support those businesses the better it will be", says Shaw.

From a train museum to a local art gallery to home-style cooking, Casey Jones Village has it all. Traveling local for 39 news, I’m Imani Williams.

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