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Jackson State Community College starts computer loan program

As students and staff prepare to return to class on Monday. Jackson State Community College is giving students tools to help them in their virtual classroom.

JSCC has three options for students to take classes this semester.

Flex, online, and hybrid.

All the options include using a computer so, they started a computer loan program for students.

“I think it is a great thing for students who are aren’t able to get computers and who can’t afford one", says student Jillian Blackwell.

Students that are loaned a computer are able to use it from home the entire semester. One student says the computer from the college is more compatible for her program.

“I think it helps a lot of students out, some may not have access to a computer at home. Or in my case with my program I have to have a certain type of computer, so instead of buying a new one. I just get one from here", adds another student, Amanda Kennedy.

JSCC has given out about 50 laptops so far and have more than 120 more scheduled to give out.

The Dean of Academic Support, Patrick Davis Sr. says, "so, the laptops that we are handing out are the ones that are already semi pre-loaded with what the students will need. Whether it is testing or whether it is a particular database that they are going to need.”

Officials with the college say that WiFi will be available to students in the parking lot of the main campus and off campus centers.

“Now, for students that are enrolled at JSCC and still need a computer, contact the library by calling or emailing them. Imani Williams for 39 news, in Jackson.

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