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Teachers opted out of the traditional brick and mortar class for an online school

Two teachers decided to leave the traditional classroom setting to teach virtually at Tennesee Connections Academy, an online public school.

Andrea Jackson was teaching in Clarksville- Montgomery County school system, and when the district switched to online learning, she saw this as an opportunity for herself.

“And so I saw an opportunity with what they were doing with virtual, and I thought, how much more of a connection you can make with students online and really meet their individual needs,” says Jackson.

After 14 years of in-class instruction, Andrea says that is was beneficial going to another institution that is familiar with online teaching and learning.

“And what a better way in order to reach those students and get better connected with the families and give them personalized learning than to go to a virtual school that has already been established,” says Jackson.

Jayme Hubble leaves Metro Nashville Public Schools to join Tennessee connections academy. She says consistency was a factor in making the switch after seven years of being in a traditional classroom.

“I choose to leave the brick and mortar classroom to come to the virtual classroom for consistency purposes.”

When the pandemic made its debut, her school district, like many others, faced challenges.

“When the pandemic hit, we weren’t able to teach what they needed from March until the end of May. And while we did our best with what we were given, our best was not alot of learning and education.

According to Hubble, the connections academy is a more reliable environment.

“As families choose this option, you know you’re getting consistency with the families, and you know you’re getting consistency with me,” says Hubble.

Sean Braisted, the public information officer for metro Nashville Schools, says that right now, the district has the lowest vacancy rates for teachers than they’ve seen in a while.

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