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Obion County Fair prepares to open this week

Obion County is joining only a few other counties in west Tennessee that are having their annual county fair.

After speaking with concession and carnival organizers they say this fair gives them hope.

“Have a funnel cake and an ice cream and ride and ride with your child. That’s just what we are about here. And we are grateful to the Obion County Fair has helped us get open", says operator and owner of Amusement Attractions Entertainment, Lisa Purdy.

The entertainment industry was hit hard due to COVID-19 concerns and organizers are still seeing the affects of the virus on business as fair and carnival cancellations continue.

“We’ve only done two all year long and by this time we usually knocked out about 30. So, were down to getting ready to open up", says owner of Pope's Concessions, James Roy Pope.

They both say this year has been tough on their business, but they are taking the precautions when they are able to open.

Purdy adds, “as soon as a rider gets off, we can right behind that rider and we sanitize it.”

“We have gone to where we are not doing any condiments on the outside that you touch, where everything is packaged and we are giving it out that way", says Pope.

There are hand sanitizing stations and signs reminding fair goers to social distance.

Purdy says she hopes that the pandemic does not end the fair tradition.

“It’s been very tough year for our industry but I don’t want this to go away. It was a trying year for all of us, we are just trying to make it everyday.”

The Obion County Fair will be open starting this weekend until next weekend. Imani Williams for 39 News, in Union City.

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