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A new exhibit opens in Brownsville celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment

The Delta Heritage Museum has two exhibits telling stories of how women fought for the right to vote and the role Tennessee played in ratifying the 19th amendment".

The exhibits are called Rightfully Hers and Make Our Voices Heard. Curator, Adriana Dunn says both were created so guests can acknowledge and reflect on women's suffrage. "I want them to kind of get an appreciation for the trial and triumph that women had endured in order to be able to get the right to vote," says Dunn.

The exhibits open on the 100th anniversary of women's right to cast a ballot in local, state, and national elections.

"It is exciting to have it here and know the impact Tennessee had on the 19th amendment being ratified," says Sonia Out-Law Clark, the director of the Delta Heritage Museum.

Back in August of 1920, Tennessee had the final say in giving women the right to vote. State librarian Chuck Sherill describes it as women having the opportunities to build futures they never thought possible.

"So we were lucky enough to collaborate with the Tennessee state museum and the archives of the state library as well," says Dunn.

The Museum received the exhibit a few months ago but wanted it to make a debut on a particular day. Clark believes this is an essential day in history.

"It is very important in our history, and especially as a woman, it's satisfying to me.

Clark hopes that the delta heritage museum inspires other organizations to share the same story.

"We also hope that we will be able to entice other organizations that may want to show the exhibit," says Clark.

Both exhibits will be at the heritage center for two months.

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