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Made in Tennessee: Bonnie and Jr.'s House of BBQ

PARKERS CROSSROADS - After years of using their homemade BBQ sauce on dishes for family and friends a west Tennessee couple decided to share their sauce with the rest of the world.

Jr. and Bonnie Carter gave a family BBQ sauce recipe a new look and now the sauce has made it into homes across the country.

The Carters first let family and friends sample the sauce.

“But they kept asking for more sauce so after that we figured we might open a business, so we did. We opened up out business house of BBQ", said Bonnie Carter.

Once a customer drunk the sauce right out a cup they knew it was time to move forward.

After being persistent with local and national grocery stores customers can now find their sauce on the shelves of Food Giant, Superlo Foods, Brooks Shaw Old Country Store, and more.

“We knocked on doors we did not take no for an answer we emailed, even if they told us no they showed up", adds Carter.

They have two featured sauces 'Sweet and Tasty' and 'Hot and Delicious'. The Carters say both compliment meat and other dishes, but there is one special ingredient.

Carter added, “the first thing you are going to see is that this sauce is made with love. It started out in our kitchen and we issued it out to family and friends.”

Bonnie and Jr.’s House of BBQ Sauce, Made in Tennessee.

Bonnie and Jr.'s House of BBQ Sauce can be found at the locations below:

All Food Giant locations in Tennessee

SuperLo Foods in Memphis and Southaven, Mississippi

All Chappell's Foods

Murphy's Cee Bee Foods in Charlotte, Tennessee

HG Hill in Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Clarksburg Supermarket

Brooks Shaw Old Country Store

Heavenly Ham

I- Mart in Crossroads, Tennessee

Roberts Packaging in Humboldt, Tennessee

Peppers Pantry in Lexington, Tennessee

Joey Darnell Barbershop in Huntingdon, Tennessee

Ada's Country Store in Selmer, Tennessee

Ace Hardware in Jackson, Tennessee

Hunters in Jackson, Tennessee

Compton Foodland in Nashville, Tennessee

Bordeaux Foods in Nashville, Tennessee

Trolingers in Paris, Tennessee

Lakeway IGA in Paris, Tennessee

Piggly Wiggly in Bradford, Tennessee

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